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Using an advice piece of equipment to broaden my use of light with my headshot sessions.

Seeing the results of today's profile photography shoot. Understanding Rachel's brief on how she would like to be photographed.

Visiting the Cenotaph yesterday to pay respect for the Remembrance Service.

Gathering moments together to present on a platform. To show photographs of the background jokes, the attendance of the London film festival and how special the Raindance means to the members. How the festival is a special day to be a part of.

Headshot session for a screenwriter's business card.

Boulangerie Jade supplying their Chef's personal favourite 'Opera'. A layered coffee cake, with almond biscuit and sitting on top a chocolate ganache. Experimenting with chocolate using light manipulation to shine the texture of the coco brown colouring to reflect on t...

Boulangerie Jade supplying their lemon mango cheesecake. Used to demonstrate food photography. Applying to the public by using light manipulation.

Exploring food photography with light manipulation.

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