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 2017 by Alastair Searles. ©

Direct Lisbon

March 29, 2017

I have gathered photographs that have been seen as a group or a narrative. Of similar qualities that connect I see qualify the best similarities. The feeling of controlling the use coming out of our grasping hands.

Controlling their by leading the command to direct and being used as an attention to giving in. To letting go is a way of something spontaneity to react back. Seeing the reaction is almost impressive.

These photographs gather a sequence of possible observations that spark human interaction. Either seeing movement to gain sympathy, but recognise in a different manner. Manner can be seen as a sign of respect. In the caption where it shows the woman hugging her company friend. Who out lines deeply the struggle she might face, but remarking as a sign of affection. That can perceive respectful.

Furthermore I have photographed a man attentively adjusting the tennis ball. The uncomfortable dog who is tightly tied to one side. Seems threatened by the intruder squishing the playing toy towards the paws of the dog. Identifying that it perceives as an unbearable situation. That my comfort is being squashed just like the tennis ball. How the rope around the dogs neck doesn't justify the space between the dog and the knot. How you see possibilities that can be changed from what you see. However being the respectable witness I can see in that familiar shoe squishing approach, that it is only a trick,






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