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 2017 by Alastair Searles. ©

Venice Celebration

May 17, 2017

Observing the thoughtful man quickly twisting at me. Interpreting the decision that made us connect as joint collaborators.

A watchful eye deciding whether a dramatic situation seems important enough. The volume of its identity is misguided. From the young white man covered in flour powder. Testing myself to engage in what seems to be no obvious way in.

But observing what comes around the corner is interesting. To have no clear understanding, for instance arriving at a foreign airport. Which appears to have signs but drawn from alien scripture. To get you from one corner to an impatient que.

The sweet serenity of this moment enjoys together the understanding the human message.

The surprise yelling cheers from a split second of an eager a waiting forceful sounds. A feeling to know the harmful gathering on a corner of an alleyway. Approachable but messy expecting the most from a foot step away.

Gathering my gaze to look over my shoulder to see a cause. A statue brought together for a message of unbreakable doubts. Firstly, the interaction was not for me to question. The peace and drama surrounded by hammering Venice structure. Gives the people empathy to exaggerate on and to avoid the acting. To show that it is only a harmful message.

Secondly there is no one to find, who can formulate what the occasion is. To discuss and to show an interest is a path to understand that a statement needs to be heard. Out in beginning of the afternoon has been scattered and messed to be a lesson of out abrasive celebration.







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