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 2017 by Alastair Searles. ©

I Stole A Glance

June 5, 2017

A way of seeing Lisbon is by pure admiration and being gifted with its way of life. The city is a half-broken beauty, losing its petals from a dying flower. However, the city still has its roots that can be never be pulled out. Perhaps the city has manner that is nurtured. A style that can never be forgotten.

Surroundings of wooden window frames, different genders and class. The Lisbon trams division frames are that of different expressions that represent a strong unity.

Keeping heritage be no sudden change of a passing carrier. Cargo of different types of ideas and opinions looming over. Authentic style genuine driving seat way of life wilt droop sudden glance of mesmerizing scenes.

Faces passing by unrecognizable, travelling in great speed. The designs set the control and abiding structure of a mega global city landscape. whereas the slow bending niche tram illustrates no command or a more silent whispering transport.

Tram holds no class that can be seen from the design. No clear divide or separation from where you should be seated.

Vibrant clear red framed bus, illustrates the national heritage of where the vehicle travels between and docks.

Identifying from an outsider's impression specifying the little influences passing by. While an outsider's thought can quickly capture, and presume without recoil.

The influence the trams from these photographs poses an alert to the social thinking pattern.

The characteristics enables a grey coolness, that alerts social thought. A welcoming idea, that a transport full of passengers and of different origins. Can embark on a voyage that can keep on their identities.







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