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 2017 by Alastair Searles. ©

Borough Market & The Updated Lives

July 26, 2017

Seated in a corner of the world. The pub window absorbing the sunshine gleaming through the textile glass, exposing light on this gentleman's face, shining down over his arm highlighting the rim of his glass.

The light and shade creates a profound moment in this calm space.

This intriguing gentleman conveys an iconic essence of reassuring resolution to the world around him. Weathered by experience his expression depicts quiet determination to live his life on his own terms.

This exposure captures a quiet moment of life in Borough Market forcing a connection between English heritage and reality, encouraging the strength f the past to confront today's affairs and behaviours.


 To the barman, taking a moment, to drink coffee and catch up, flicking through the headlines of the newspaper. Freezing the moment conveys his fascinated and serious expression of interest. The movement of the action is caught by the newspaper and the shimmering effect of information being released and being absorbed by his intense concentration. A portrait of someone in gentle and soft repose but who appears to have an underlying presence of strength and power.

The fishmonger in relaxed pose after a busy period of business. Ready to engage whilst also ready to connect with either personal life (mobile in hand) or passing trade needing his attention. His body language is one of strength an determination. In an authentic environment, great care and pride is shown in the gleaming cleanliness of his wares and readiness to trade.  


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