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 2017 by Alastair Searles. ©

Borough Blues

August 25, 2017

Blue gloves appear to be a current signature. A theme that highlights the safety harness of Borough Market.

 An eye-catching demonstration that marinates together the eruption of atmosphere with the eruption of atmosphere with the blue glove harness. The entanglement of blistering vegetables and spices being stirred with the recognisable action. Capturing the physicality of strength across the ever changing dish. A moving exposure with the focus on the blue glove. An illusion of weather demonstrated by the wave of heat released by the cold blue glove. 

 The delicate and intricate preparation of scallops in a meticulous and caring manner. The protection of the scallop by the shell and the protection of health by the blue glove. A feeling of freshness from the ice.



 Social theme in the air, colleagues passing away preparation time with a confident grip on the job.


Work in progress, cleaning up as you go, feeling the activity, blue gloves to protect the produce but also protect from spillage.

 Finishing touches, controlling the heat, to produce the cooked goods. The atmosphere and aroma is rising.


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