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 2017 by Alastair Searles. ©

Billingsgate Market

September 26, 2017

 The background identifies the location and introduces the subject. The open air expresses the atmosphere of this particular market. The prospective customer stands leaning on the car boot, hand resting on the car boot door, smiling in a natural stance. There is a strong personal harmony that agrees with his personality. He portrays his reason for his visit and perhaps his personal work ethic.

 A still portrait, naturally brought to impact the interest of the viewer. His determined position signifies his professional intention. By showing this type of behaviour we can understand the patience he presents to the public. He has an approachable expression, which suggests friendship, yet he is balancing his engagement with commercial intent.

 Caught by early fishermen from a faraway location. This still framed photograph contains sensational fish textures, the markets produce, packed in ice ready to be sold.




 Live lobsters caught and sent fresh from Scotland extending the identity and character of Billingsgate Market. The fishmonger displaying the beautiful lobster, showing the comparative size by putting his hand on them. The actual selling techniques are hard to capture due to the fast moving market deals being made.




 The customer caught in a spontaneous pose, her bright coloured attire attracts attention amongst the long white coats of the traders. Her expression is one of engagement with the business of the day.



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