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Experiment Headshot with Flash

March 6, 2019

Using an advised piece of equipment to broaden my use of light with my headshot sessions. I was suggested to use flash gun but to be able to use it separately from the camera body. By using a remote trigger I was able to carry out my experiment. Trigger remote is attached to my camera body and another one to my flash gun. To work the devices must go off at the same time, so I had to tune the triggers on the camera body and flash gun. Then they will be in sync, the camera shutter should go off with the flash. While using the trigger remote I am able to position the flash gun in any angles I would like to use. By using a light stand, I placed the remote flash gun on top. By using the stand I can reach at any height I wish to use. To better expose the light from the flash to my sitter. 



At first I attached flash gun on a light stand, positioned 45 degrees to my right shoulder. From this position I was able to get some dark shades on the face. But by bringing it forward and to ask the sitter to move his face. The outcome was different from the last shots, a more neutral exposure. Which lightened up the circumference of the face.


 With these selected photographs, I used the trigger flashgun and a light soft box. I have used in my previous shots but I wanted to increase the light bounce. 





The light reflector was acted on to demonstrate the effect it has on the shades.




To broaden my experience with light, I decided to shoot outside. The weather was suitable, the sunlight was hidden by the clouds. By using a light diffuser which the theory was to use under a balcony hanger. To hide away from the breaking cloudy sunlight. But being able to use the tin foil reflector the light was

able to bounce on the sitter's face. 











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